Shadowrun Sixth World - Core Rulebook, Special Edition

Shadowrun Sixth World - Core Rulebook, Special Edition
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Welcome to the gritty future of Shadowrun. A world of megacorporations, magic and cyberware; of Elves and Hackers, Trolls and Cybersoldiers.

A slimmer, faster entry into the dystopian urban fantasy world of Shadowrun. This rulebook has been slimmed down to a sleek 320 pages with amazing new art, and will be expanded upon in coming months and years with a new line of core product.

The new edition is easier to play and learn than it has ever been, yet it still offers the roleplaying depth that is a key part of the Shadowrun. The rule system is built around gaining advantages and taking risks, building up to spectacular moments that are part of great gaming sessions!

Faster gameplay and conflict resolution keeps the game moving and plunge players deeper into Sixth World intrigue.
More pre-generated characters plus character creation rules allow you to design and select exactly the character you want to use in the game.
One of the Top 10 roleplaying games of all time!
Celebrating its 30th Anniversary!

The Special Edition is beautifully bound with a woven texture resembling carbon fiber embossed with shimmering foil, with gilded edging to the pages. A fantastic addition to your bookshelf.