About us

Jack of Dice
Staalweg 1
Room 302
2612 KK Delft

the Netherlands

Tel. (+31) 6 21 666 120
Email: shop (a) jackofdice.nl

Business info

Chamber of Commerce registration number: 56965494
VAT registration number: NL 0015 720 08 B33

IBAN: NL40 INGB 0000 7095 34

Regarding Covid-19

Jack is only open for online orders and curbside pick-up of webshop orders until the lockdown is lifted. We'll e-mail you to make an appointment once your order is ready to go.

Parking at Jack's

The residential area around our building is paid parking and can cost you a pretty penny if you park there. Fortunately, we are in an old municipal building that has its own parking space! If you are coming from Rotterdam, take exit 9 on the A13 towards Ikea, then you turn left at the first traffic light after the exit, at the second traffic light you go straight ahead and immediately after that you turn right at the next traffic light. beware, this is a bit of a hidden exit. After the second bend you drive straight ahead until after, about 200 meters, you can go left through the large (open) gate. You can park your car there.

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Welcome to Jack of Dice!

Jack of Dice was born out of a love for dice and games. When the first steps had been taken, it soon became apparent that there was a demand for more! Jack of Dice has grown from a corner in the attic to a completely independent company run by enthusiasts. Our vision is to have the widest possible range for a good price, from dice to RPG material.

The myth called Jack.

Jack is our patron, an entity that no one knows exactly who they are, what they are and why they love dice so much. Not that we're complaining, because Jack is (as far as we know) good-natured, crazy about games and especially lyrical about dice.

So we don't know much about Jack, but what we know is incredibly impressive. Did you know that when they come along all dice roll 20? Even the six sided dice? Or that where Jack comes from the national animal is a Mimic? Join our newsletter and learn all about Jack! Click on the link to be updated once a month about our new products, scheduled events, give-aways and more. Click here to sign up.

The people behind Jack.


The brain behind Jack (two steps, left from the flank).

Avid dice enthusiast and collector, RPG expert and veteran of the trade. The only person we believe ever saw Jack. Rolls on average.


Bringer of structure (three steps, right from the flank).

Queen of drama role-play, Pokémon master, allround-enthusiast and our clean-up champion. Rolls below average, but thankfully this dice fungus isn't contagious.


Media management queen (on all sides).

Puzzle fanatic of the first hour, princess of logic, hoarder of tea and our absolute star in planning. Generally rolls on average, but above average when it comes to sneaking.


Creative brain (back center).

Lover of dragons, inventor of idiotic but practical plans, fastest crocheter in the universe and our Instagram manager. Rolls above average when it comes to damage.


Jack of all trades (everywhere and nowhere)

Our regular loader and un-loader at events, Burgundian of the first hour, manager of the alphabetical order and leader of odd-jobs-society. Rolls just a bit below average with high peaks both ways.

And further…

Jack is also supported by numerous volunteers; enthusiasts who help at events, give demos and jump in when necessary.

Jack and The Queen

The Queen Ring has given Jack the opportunity to grow from a corner on the booth into his own big tent at events. We are always grateful to her for that. You can find The Queen Ring here!