Witcher polydice set - Vesemir, the Sword Master

Witcher polydice set - Vesemir, the Sword Master
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"Don't train alone, it only embeds your errors," as Vesemir once said, remarking on young Ciri’s eagerness to learn the ways of a witcher. And one would be wise to heed his advice. A veteran of many sword fights over the years, the experienced Vesemir — as the oldest witcher alive — taught the art of fencing to other monster slayers at Kaer Morhen, including one Geralt of Rivia, helping him to become such a fearsome opponent in battle. Indeed, the School of the Wolf wouldn’t be the same without Vesemir’s watchful eye, teaching skills, and sage insights.

This is who this special dice set in a black and matte gold color theme is dedicated to, carrying a clear font of digits, with intricate engravings of a time-worn School of the Wolf symbol adorning the highest value faces. The coin featured in the set shows the walls of Kaer Morhen keep, while the obverse is adorned by the side profile of Vesemir’s wise face.

This set includes each of the following:
10-sided (0-9)
10-sided (00-90)
20 sided

The set contains 8 pieces; 7 polyhedral dice and a metal coin depicting Dandelion, which acts as a D2. Each die is painted purple with turquoise engravings. The faces with the highest value and the reverse coin depict Dandelion's favorite lute.