Dice Tray - Padouk, black liner

Dice Tray - Padouk, black liner
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Product description

The typical gaming table can get pretty crowded. You have your miniatures, your dice, diceboxes, map, rulebooks, food & drinks, DM screen, notebooks, pencils, erasers, spellcards…. Sometimes its hard to believe that you actually don’t have a proper space to roll the dice, that decide your faith.

That is why Woodgrain Gaming made these beautiful dicetrays.
They give you the space you need to roll your dice and keep them from rolling all over or even off the table.

The dicetrays are made out of solid, real hardwood to make sure they will last a lifetime. All wood parts are finished with a coat of plant-based wood oil. All the color you see is the natural color of the wood itself, they contain no stains or colouring. This also means that each dicetray is unique.

The leather liner prevents damages from metal dice to your rolling surface and the divider can hold two 7-piece sets of standard sized gaming dice.

The dicetray size (exterior) is 25,5 cm * 15,2 cm * 3,7 cm (10 * 6 * 1.5 inch)