Deep Cuts - Female Goblin Alchemist

Deep Cuts - Female Goblin Alchemist
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Goblins are a very agile and elusive breed, that makes it easier for them to slip out of a fight and then attack you out of the blue. Goblins have absolutely no patience and a fairly short fuse, if a Goblin comes to power it is mainly through betrayal and aggressive actions. Goblins never really come alone, and as a group they will try to raid you in a corner or they will circle you if they get the chance.
In combat they are not super strong, but they are with a lot and have no fear.

However, this Goblin also has a hand in creating tonics with very nasty contents, and if you are unlucky she will throw it in your beer. Or on your head.

one inch base for scale, miniature comes primed and is ready to paint.