D&D Collector's Series - Lord of Blades

D&D Collector's Series - Lord of Blades
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The Lord of Blades is a powerful Warforged leader.

No one knows exactly when or where the enigmatic entity known as the Lord of Blades was created. He resides in an undisclosed location in the Mournland of Eberron where he leads a band of Warforged who seek to destroy or enslave all races of the flesh.

Mystery surrounds him and speculations abound regarding his nature, whereabouts and motivations. Some believe him to be the last creation of House Cannith creation forges while others believe him to have been formed in secret after the last of those forges went cold. Some believe that the Lord of Blades is the Warforged Bulwark, who served King Boranel of Breland. The truth is unknown, but Bulwark's disappearance and the appearance of the Lord of Blades were around the same time. Some attribute the cause of the Day of Mourning to the Lord of Blades and his machinations.

All of these remain speculations, the only thing that is certain of him is his hatred for mankind and his charismatic ability to draw other Warforged to his cause forming a fanatical cult-like following.