Nolzur's - Spectator and Gazer

Nolzur's - Spectator and Gazer
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Product description

A spectator is an extraplanar form of beholderkin with four eyestalks. Somewhat mild and even-tempered, they have even been known to form friendships with other creatures, a trait that no other beholderkin or true beholder ever displayed. Some spectators served certain deities, they even get employed by the church sometimes to watch over temples as ever-vigilant guardians.
Spectators are peaceful and will never attack unless seriously provoked, and flee from dangerous opponents. Spectators only willingly fight against those who disturb what it is guarding, persistently pester them, or against other spectators.Their main eye can turn spells back at the caster so long as they are in the nearby area and shooting at it's face.The four eyestalks of a spectator can cause effects like the spells; paralyze, inflict moderate wounds, fear and confusion.

Gazors (also known as eyeballs) are tiny, unintelligent beholderkin, who follow their creator like an aggressive pet, a fact that beholders consider amusing. Gazers often serve as familiars for evil spellcasters serving under Beholders. Gazors stalk their lairs looking for vermin to kill. They are not violent towards each other and are even capable of cooperation. They can't be tamed by other people and will violently fling people away who trie to touch it. They prey on and bully any creature weaker than them

one inch base for scale, miniatures are primed to paint.