Nolzur's - Wereboar & Werebear

Nolzur's - Wereboar & Werebear
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A Wereboar tends to be a stocky, muscular individual of average height, 5–6 feet (1.5–1.8 meters), with short stiff hair or fur. Wereboars have three forms: a boar, the normal form of whatever creature it was normally, and that of a humanoid/boar hybrid with tusks. The hybrid form is a little taller than the humanoid form but twice as wide, and has a hunchbacked frame so the head extends forward on a shorter neck. The head is just like a boar's, including short tusks. Their hide is covered in black hair as stiff as wire bristles, and their feet turn into hooves. They are considered ugly in any form. They usually wear simple clothes they can easily take off when changing, or readily repair or replace if they are torn.

Werebear humanoid forms are often large, heavily-muscled, and covered in hair. Their hair is thick and shaggy with males typically having beards, and hair color ranging from brown, black, blonde and even red or ivory. Werebears dress in simple garments that could be easily removed. Their ursine forms most often resemble a brown bear, although their fur always matches their hair color, with brown being common in forest regions and ivory being common in frozen regions. They also possess a hybrid form that resemble bipedal bears with grasping paws, and long claws.