Starfinder Miniatures - Ryphorian Skyfire Pilot

Starfinder Miniatures - Ryphorian Skyfire Pilot
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Ryphorians are a humanoid race native to a planet known for its highly eccentric orbit, which causes generations-long seasons. These humanoids have adapted to their unusual environment with a peculiar trimorphism: those generations born in the winter years (winterborn) manifest short fur and narrow eyes to protect against snow blindness, those born in the summer years (summerborn) have hairless skin in a variety of dark shades to protect them from the intense rays of the summer sun, and those born in the years between the extremes of summer and winter (transitional) have a blend of such traits.

However, with gene therapy and hormonal treatments available, an individual ryphorian’s appearance is no longer an indicator of the planet’s current season, and while unmodified Triaxians are generally born in their winter form to reflect the planet’s current season, taking steps to change a ryphorian’s seasonal form is currently a mark of wealth and status in some cultures. Regardless of the season of their birth, ryphorians have long and pointed ears, with feather-like notching along the back edge that automatically moves and adjusts the ear’s shape to help the ryphorian focus on specific sounds. Winterborn ryphorians were understandably obsessed with survival, loyal but gruff and slow to make friends.

This miniature still has to be put together and is unpainted.