Game Master's Toolbox - Ultimate NPCs: Warfare

Game Master's Toolbox - Ultimate NPCs: Warfare
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Step onto the Battlefield. Horns blare, spears clatter, horses madden at the scent of death, and soldiers cry out for glory, vengeance, righteousness, and bloodlust; for both heroes and monsters are forged in the crucible of war… A tool for Game Masters and Players alike, Ultimate NPCs: Warfare offers: A full-world warfare character collection, war and battle backstories, quick-reference stats for characters, and NPC or player character options. Ultimate NPCs: Warfare is a collection of fully fleshed-out characters to populate your game world. From high command to the cook’s tent, you’ll find a variety of soldiers, auxiliaries, and noncombatants within, each with the backstory and statistics necessary to run as an NPC or player character. Product Specs: 30 finely crafted NPCs (levels 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20), 180 unique characters, and compatible with 5th Edition. So strap on your armor, sharpen your sword, and meet your comrades-in-arms.