Pathfinder 2E: Age of Ashes 2 - Cult of Cinders

Pathfinder 2E: Age of Ashes 2 - Cult of Cinders
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The Age of Ashes Adventure Path continues!
(Age of Ashes 2 of 6)

The heroes have conquered the citadel on top of Hellknight Hill, but a ring of magical portals in the castle's basement can spawn cultists from the southern jungle at any time.
The PCs must travel through the first of these portals to make new friends and take on the dragon cult of Embers for the villains can trigger powerful forces of destruction.

Age of Ashes is the first Adventure Path with the brand new rules for the
Pathfinder RPG. This second adventure is for 5th level characters, and includes an exploration adventure of the jungle - the hometown of Ekujae elves,
new magic items, rules for jungle campaigns and the rebuilding of entire castles to serve as the basis for operations, and more than half a dozen new monsters.